Afternoon goat nap
Say "cheese"

The Herald Sun

The Herald Sun, 7 January 2012

"The Durham County Library came alive with cheese, and cheesemakers, on Sunday. Three cheesemakers and the owner of a downtown cheese shop answered questions about the art of making cheese and entertained more than 120 people who showed up for a panel discussion that was part of the library's Humanities Programs for 2012." Continue reading ...


Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

The Independent

The Independent, 4 January 2012

"'We will talk about the history of the cheesemakers, about the cheesemaking process and, in general, about cheesemaking in the South, because it's a relatively new thing,' Coleff says. Unlike in many Northern and Midwestern states, the trade of cheesemaking didn't take off in this region's warm climate until after refrigeration became popular. Now, says Coleff, there's a 'surge of new Southern cheeses out there.' Last year marked the launch of the Southern Artisan Cheese Festival in Nashville, Tenn." Continue reading ...


Markets show farm revival

Charlotte Observer

Charlotte Observer, 18 December 2011

"It's not for sure yet, but it's pretty close—come April, southern Durham will have a farmers market to call its own. 'Bring it on!' said Woodcroft homeowner Ann Deupree. 'We're excited, the farmers are excited, the consumers are excited,' said Michael Lanier, an Orange County Extension agent helping organize the market. 'There's a lot of potential to expand in Durham County.'" Continue reading ...


Prodigal Farm making a name in cheese

The Herald Sun

The Herald Sun, 12 November 2011

"Farm owner and cheese maker Kathryn Spann shielded her eyes from the bright morning sun as she watched 48 goats tromp out to pasture after their first milking of the day at Prodigal Farm." Continue reading ...


School bus makes for happy goats at Rougemont farm


WRAL, 10 August 2011

At a Durham County goat farm, a big yellow school bus stands in the middle of the pasture. The goats climb on the bus, snuggle inside it when it's cold and huddle underneath when it's hot. If a dog can have a dog house, why can't a goat have a school bus? Continue reading ...


A Prodigal farmer returns home

The Durham News

The Durham News, 3 August 2011

Up in Rougemont, some 178 goats are being pasture-raised on a sustainable farm, with the help of two gutted-out school buses. Continue reading ...


Local creamery owners and cheesemakers find their calling

Farm Fresh North Carolina

Independent Weekly, 22 June 2011

Husband-and-wife team Kathryn Spann and Dave Krabbe left New York City in 2007 for a simpler life in Durham County, where Spann had grown up. But they never thought they would become goat farmers and cheesemakers. Continue reading ...


Prodigal Farm in Print

Farm Fresh North Carolina

Farm Fresh North Carolina, 7 March 2011

Emphasizing farms and establishments that are independent, sustainable, and active in public education and conservation (of which Prodigal Farm is a prime example!), Farm Fresh North Carolina will help North Carolinians and tourists discover how the burgeoning farm movement has become a bridge between North Carolina's past and present. Continue reading ...


Sheep, goats, Santa, and more on Dec. 18

Diane Daniel

Farm Fresh North Carolina, 14 December 2010
"Two great kid-friendly open-farm events are happening this Saturday in the Triangle, and if you plan your day right, you can hit them both." Continue reading ...


Prodigal Farm now offering cheese pick-up spot in Durham

Andrea Weigl

News and Observer, 16 November 2010
"Prodigal Farm is hosting a wine-and-cheese tasting from 3 to 5 pm Sunday, November 21 at the King's Daughters Inn to introduce potential customers to its products.

They will have free tastings of their cheeses, cheesecakes and bread with wines available for purchase by the full and half glass. Please RSVP to this event by sending an email to (They want to make sure they have enough samples.)" Continue reading ...


A Prodigal feast at Eastern Carolina Farm Tour

Kathryn and Dave with goats

Farm Fresh North Carolina, 20 September 2010
"Prodigal owners Kathryn Spann and Dave Krabbe led tours for about 125-plus people over the course of each day. That's alongside their usual farm chores (which include milking 65 goats twice a day), selling at two farmers' markets, and doing all the other things farmers do. I get exhausted just thinking about it." Continue reading ...


New Yorkers leave rat race to make cheese

Kathryn and Dave with goats
Photo credit: Chuck Liddy

The News & Observer, 1 September 2010
"Three and a half years ago, the couple left New York for Bahama, where they own Prodigal Farm, a goat dairy that they hope passes inspection soon. They want to start selling goat cheese at farmers markets in Hillsborough and Raleigh. Their farm will be open to the public as part of the Eastern Triangle Farm Tour this month." Continue reading ...


Bull city see first cow show in 40 years, 13 June 2010
"On Saturday, downtown Durham was filled with a sound that hadn't been heard in more than 40 years: the mooing of cows. The Bull City 4-H Dairy Breeds Show was held to introduce city children to farming." Continue reading ...


Showing cows, "making new friends"

The Herald Sun, 13 June 2010
"Cows in the Bull City? That's right, and downtown no less. For perhaps the first time in 40 years, the mooing of dairy cows filled the air Saturday at Old North Durham Park on Foster Street as the young animals and young children were the center of attention at the Bull City 4-H Dairy Breeds Show." Continue reading ...


Finding their niche—Durham, Orange trying to keep growers on the farm

Kathryn Spann with goats
Photo credit: John Rottet

The Durham News, 15 January 2010
"The trend is the same across the growing Triangle region: less farmland, more farms. It may seem odd, but for agriculture in the Triangle, urban and rural are in a symbiotic relationship. Growing towns and changing times are both curse and blessing.

On one hand, the popularity of local farmers' markets, the growth of "community-supported agriculture" systems under which consumers contract to buy a share of a farmer's produce, and restaurateurs' willingness to pay top dollar for local produce has created a bull market for locally grown vegetables, meat, cheese and other farm products." Continue reading ...

Farm Vogue

Madeline reclines in grungy, farm fresh splendor


We like our version better! This shot appeared on page 500 of the March 2011 editon of Vogue


People Who Are Destryong America - Landscaping Goats

Colbert goats

Colbert on sneaky, job-stealing goats
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Organic Milk Goes Rap

Yeo Valley Rap

Yeo Valley uses rap for one cleverly hilarious ad campaign. We're sold! Check it out ...

Extreme Shepherding Light Show

Extremem Shepherding

Just the most amazing thing ... you've gotta see it to believe it! Check it out ...

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