Open Farm Day! Sunday, 22 November

Farm Day

We'll be hosting a free, family-friendly "open farm day" on Sunday, November 22, from 1-5 p.m. You can tour the farm and milking parlor, meet the milking goats, play with this year's goat kids, and taste some of their nationally award-winning cheeses. We'll also have goat milk hot chocolate and marshmallows to roast over a fire. And, for the first time, we'll have a blacksmithing demonstration by the Triangle Blacksmith Guild, and a soapmaking demonstration.

The farm is located at 4720 Bahama Road, Rougemont. GPS and googlemaps are inaccurate—the farm is on the right, a few driveways past the Hampton Road crossing. We'll mark it with balloons. No dogs, please, and wear clothes that can get dirty. Please carpool as much as possible. Questions? please email

Fall and Winter Class Schedule

We love to share our experiences and our farm, which is in Rougemont, in northern Durham County, about 25 minutes' drive north of downtown Durham. To register, see class descriptions and payment information below. We accept payment by credit card via Paypal; though there is no tax, there is a small Paypal fee included. (You can use Paypal to purchase tickets even if you do not have a Paypal account.)

FINE PRINT: Spots are non-reimbursable if you cancel; I'm sorry but we cannot give refunds. However, if you provide at least 72 hours' notice, we can provide a credit toward another class. If we are able to fill your spot, we'll provide a refund, but can't promise that we'll be able to do that.

Event Summaries and Dates

Sunday, October 11, 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Get Your Goat! Goat Care Workshop
Wednesday, October 13, 6:00 to 7:45 p.m.: Cheese 101
Sunday, October 18, 6:00 p.m.: Farm Dinner: A Celebration of Southern Heritage Foods
Saturday, October 24, 6:00 p.m.: Farm Dinner: Cuisine and Wines of the Iberian Peninsula
Sunday, October 25, 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Get Your Goat! Goat Care Workshop
Thursday, October 29, 6:00 to 7:45 p.m.: Cheese 101

Cheese 101 Classes
We love sharing our passion for and knowledge of cheese with you! In our Cheese 101 classes we take you through 8 cheeses, and 3 wine pairings. There'll be a little bit of milk science, farmer and cheesemaker stories, and a lot of fun. You'll see the milking goats come up for evening milking as we delve into the cheese. We'll taste goat, cow and sheep cheeses from fresh to bloomy to blue, and introduce you to our some of our favorite pairings and wine to complement the cheese. We want to empower you to choose cheeses you'll love, and present them with wit and style. A cheese class makes a great gift, or a fun night out with friends, or come alone and meet other cheese-loving folks. Cheese 101 is recommended for folks age 16 and up, and non-alcoholic beverages are available in substitution of our wines. Each session is limited to 20 people. $45 per person.

Dates available:
Wednesday, October 13, 6:00 to 7:45 p.m.

Number of attendees

Thursday, October 29, 6:00 to 7:45 p.m.

Number of attendees

Are you looking for a private class? We can customize a beautiful event for your next birthday celebration, department retreat, client outing, bridal shower, team building event, or more. Email, and we'll put our heads together.

Goat Husbandry Workshops
Many people express interest in learning more about goat care, something we view as a very important responsibility. We are excited to offer these basic goat care workshops to share our knowledge.

Get Your Goat! is a workshop is for new or aspiring goat owners, and is designed to provide a framework of knowledge and hands-on skills for caring for your goats. We are one of two goat dairies in North Carolina which bear the Animal Welfare Approved third party certification. We have raised hundreds of goats, which have given us a lot of opportunities to gain extensive knowledge of goat care. Topics we'll cover:

  • assessing your goatkeeping goals
  • preparing for your goat: shelter, fencing, considering other animals
  • finding and selecting your goats
  • pasture walk
  • essential and handy equipment and where to find it or how to make it
  • forage, hay, feed, nutritional requirements and supplements
  • vaccinations, parasite control, and discussion of common health issues
  • how to given an injection
  • handy tools and treatments to have on hand
  • hoof trimming
  • assessing body condition, health and illness
  • finding a good veterinarian and when to consult
  • fundamentals of breeding and kidding
We are entirely pasture-based. If it's pouring rain that day, we'll plan a rain date. If it is just sprinkling, the show will go on. Bring a lunch—it's a long day! We'll have detailed handouts for you to take home, but also bring a notebook.

Dates available:
Sunday, October 11, 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Number of attendees

Sunday, October 25, 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Number of attendees

Cost for this workshop is $120 per person, with a discounted rate of $110 per person if you register two or more together. Each workshop is limited to 12 participants; if there is more demand, we will consider scheduling a third workshop.

Farm Dinners

October 18 Farm Dinner: A Celebration of Southern Heritage Foods. This dinner, with heritage cocktail pairings, explores old-timey ingredients and offers a hat tip to bygone culinary staples. You'll be welcomed with passed hors d'oeuvres and a vintage punch by the dairy, as you watch the milking goats come up for evening milking, and get to see the milking process. You'll then be seated for a beautiful four-course meal in our south pasture, prepared by the inventive and acclaimed chef Roeh Lewit.

Ticketed event, limit 40 attendees. $100 per person

Number of attendees

October 24 Farm Dinner: Cuisine and Wines of the Iberian Peninsula. Goat cheeses and meat are natural pairings with the cuisines of Spain and Portugal; the wines from those countries are exceptional and less well-known than those of France, Italy and California. Join us for a tasting tour of traditional flavors and techniques from the rich culinary tradition of the Iberian Peninsula. You'll be welcomed with an array of passed hors d'oeuvres and a glass of cava, as you watch the milking goats come up for evening milking, and get to see the milking process. You'll then be seated for a beautiful four-course meal in our south pasture, prepared by the inventive and acclaimed chef Roeh Lewit. Ticket event, limit 40 attendees.

Ticketed event, limit 40 attendees. $100 per person

Number of attendees

Animal Welfare Approved features Prodigal Farm

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Courage Cocktail

Courage Cocktail Radio Show, 16 Jan 2013

Courage Cocktail's Lee Anne McClymont interviews Kathryn about goats, beer, and cheese making for "Artisanal: The New America." Click to listen ...

Aw, Shucks ...
Our friend, Kathleen, at The Bloomy Rind in Nashville recently passed along some very kind words from one of their customers:

"Can a person actually die from eating one pear and one tiny sliver (OK, a wedge) of blue? On one Artisan Cracker? Unbroken? It was a close-run thing, lemme tell ya.

Do you have any more of that blue (Prodigal, I think)? If so, could I have a pound? Or, whatever you've got under that? Or a crumb, if some fell on the floor? Or ... if you are ordering some, I'm in. Or, maybe we could got wherever they make it and pick it up. They'd have it ready by the time we got there, eh? Thanks in advance for your gracious help in saving me from a life without this cheese, Jesse"

We are positively blushing and are enormousely pleased to meet folks who share our passion for cheese ... thank you Kathleen and Jesse!

Putting the tastes of New Orleans on your plate

News and Observer

News and Observer, 27 April 2012

The News and Observer's Greg Cox reviews Battistella's calling them "the best Cajun/Creole restaurant the Triangle has ever seen." We are pround to say they use our cheese in their famous and fabulous goat cheese grits! Continue reading ...

Say "cheese"

The Herald Sun

The Herald Sun, 7 January 2012

"The Durham County Library came alive with cheese, and cheesemakers, on Sunday. Three cheesemakers and the owner of a downtown cheese shop answered questions about the art of making cheese and entertained more than 120 people who showed up for a panel discussion that was part of the library's Humanities Programs for 2012." Continue reading ...

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

The Independent

The Independent, 4 January 2012

"'We will talk about the history of the cheesemakers, about the cheesemaking process and, in general, about cheesemaking in the South, because it's a relatively new thing,' Coleff says. Unlike in many Northern and Midwestern states, the trade of cheesemaking didn't take off in this region's warm climate until after refrigeration became popular. Now, says Coleff, there's a 'surge of new Southern cheeses out there.' Last year marked the launch of the Southern Artisan Cheese Festival in Nashville, Tenn." Continue reading ...

Markets show farm revival

Charlotte Observer

Charlotte Observer, 18 December 2011

"It's not for sure yet, but it's pretty close—come April, southern Durham will have a farmers market to call its own. 'Bring it on!' said Woodcroft homeowner Ann Deupree. 'We're excited, the farmers are excited, the consumers are excited,' said Michael Lanier, an Orange County Extension agent helping organize the market. 'There's a lot of potential to expand in Durham County.'" Continue reading ...

Prodigal Farm making a name in cheese

Herald Sun

The Herald Sun, 12 November 2011

"Farm owner and cheese maker Kathryn Spann shielded her eyes from the bright morning sun as she watched 48 goats tromp out to pasture after their first milking of the day at Prodigal Farm." Continue reading ...

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